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I had another word in mind instead of banal, but it slipped my mind while switching apps. Baffled? Buggering? Crap, now I’ll never get to sleep.

capitalism1But. Back to the bourgeoisie. Is them are us? Traditionally equated with the middle class and all their attached materialism, has the populace become more, less, or equal to previous eras of the big B? For that matter, can anyone still afford to be?

To be fair, there are two understandings to the term: the one provided above, and the misconception of a carefree, unrestricted, but not quite hedonistic group of folk. As to the former, the word is going round that the middle class is disappearing. My observations and interactions with my fellow plebeians suggest this is not so – people still have mortgages, pay utilities, etc. Times are tight, but the boat is floating right-side up.

Over with the pseudo-hedonistic folk, they’re moving right along schedule. But. They’ve got an almost equal number formal, rigid citizens to provide that sociological balance.

So, carefree consumers. No, wait. Wrong letters. Something starting with ‘B’. Hmm. Best Buyers. Nah, too commercial. Bountiful Bourgeoisie. Close, but nope. There’s nothing bountiful happening anywhere near. Banal  Blunderers. That’s the ticket. Own the name and explain the action/position. (And justify using the word banal in the beginning.)

Imagine a sink draining or a toilet flushing. But the water doesn’t disappear, it just keeps spinning. That’s where the middle class is. Conform. Don’t complain. Maintain the status quo.

Does this status require fixing? Probably. We maintain the status quo to (for lack of a better term) survive. Doing this requires some acceptance of buffoonery, of being mediocre, being banal.

But, buffoonery begets brilliance. Or is it the other way round? If being bourgeois denies brilliance, where or how can we continue to advance?   #atozchallenge