Not entirely sure how I stumbled upon this site, though it might have been through Tumblr. It was earlier this month that I came across it. I believed it was warranted that I get myself involved, if only to make up for the lack of posts during the winter.

A to Z schedule 2According to the chart at the left, there’s supposed to be a blog (they suggest short, but who knows?) While I will not hold myself to making short posts, I reserve the right to cheat make them if needs be.

Also, I will attempt to keep the theme of this blog, which is not limited to anything, but tends to go off things in the news / politics.

Arrrghhh! I went to check on their rules, and found that I forgot to include the code for what type of blog this is. Well, given their choices, this is a lifestyle/social blog. They’ve almost got 1500 entries as of this post. Each entrant is supposed to review 5 other blogs per day. I wonder if it counts per alphabet letter, if the blog you review just happens to start with a particular letter?