They do these short story contests every now and again. Here’s my entry. Probably needs polishing, but I thought I’d just pants it. 😄

The difference is, I lie for a reason.

Not that excuses me for lying. It just comes with the job. That job is to make you complacent. To make sure that your need for believable information is being satisfied.

And sometimes that effort requires employing tactics that are not palatable to John and Jane Everyone. You can’t deny it happens. You may ignore it as an obvious lie and simply look the other way. Then you become part of the equation, part of the lie.

Having a reason for lying is not all fun and games. The lying, which may be easy enough on the surface, comes with excess baggage. The biggest bag is keeping track of the lies, the second bag is tracking who you lie to. The third bag, more of a valise really, is organizing the lies into compartments – identifying sets of people and whether those people interact without your presence. Getting the ‘facts’ straight in case the recipients of your lies get together and reason out that you have lied.

Tracking one’s lies is different from compartmentalizing them only in a matter of scope. It is easy to remember when I say that the sky is pink when it is blue. It’s a whole order of magnitude more when I tell John that it is pink on Tuesday, Jane that it’s green on Monday, and brown between 4 and 5pm every other week.

But let us not forget the second bag. Who you tell your lies to is as important as keeping track of them. You see, who receives the lies is a matter of your choice. Your judgement of them determines what lies you tell, what level of deceit is required.

The level of deceit required is correlated to the reason for lying in the first place. The choice to lie is based on a gain/loss scenario. If I choose to tell the truth, does that put me in a better position, relative to my previous position? If I choose to lie, does the lie affect the person lied to? If a lie has no noticeable effect, does the outcome matter?

Last, I may have no need to lie at all. It is a psychological problem for some individuals who may not understand why they lie. 

But I have a reason to lie. And that is to make a difference.