#NaNoWriMo is the place to be (la, la, la), stubby pencils are the life for me (la, la, la), 50,000 words is not that hard (la, la, la), or I just could be spewing lard (bada ba da da, ba ba)

My apologies to the writers of the #GreenAcres theme song.  Third year of attempts or is it four? Nonetheless, I shall gallantly sit aside my gleaming black keyboard and await inspiration. That’s not the way to win the dang project, the idea is to become one with an #infinitenumberofmonkeys typing on an infinite number of keyboards, thus producing all the great works of literature.

As I look upon the #NaNoWriMo crest, I can see the base symbology. The cup of coffee defines chemical support of stamina throughout the month. The computer is obvious enough, it is what most of us use to create our stories. Similarly, the crossed pens for those who eschew modern technology. And a ream of paper to remind us that you have to use a lot to cover 50,000 words. But what of the remaining two things? Yes, two. The Norse helmet and the color scheme.

I can only offer a guess as to the helmet. Suggesting a warrior ethos, the Norse were fierce fighters living in a cold, hard land. Writers by contrast, type away at their computers, snug and warm in their #November crevices accompanied by a steaming cup of their liquid of choice. But last, the color palette eludes definition (by myself, anyway). Baby blue with a brownish font – which I now deduce as #chocolate. Okay, that makes perfect sense, the chocolate. But what of the baby blue?