For some reason, this week’s #ZNation (#ZN) didn’t record on my DVR. Saturday morning frustration aside, I ended up with a startling revelation; #ZNation is this decade’s #Gilligan’s Island!

Don’t belittle my statement just yet. On the surface it does sound ridiculous. But join me in a mild comparison of the two shows.

GI took a serious situation (a shipwreck) and made it a comedy. #ZN takes a similar situation (zombie apocalypse), but slightly less comic approach. The other difference is geographic size; one is a simple island, the other a continent – but both lacking civilization.

Now to the in-depth comparisons. I’m using the IMDb listing of characters.

Warren / Skipper

Gotta have a leader, in any group presentation. While Warren is capable and sardonic, the Skipper is only partially capable and bumbling. But the rest of the characters defer to the rank, most of the time. They also have a singular focus: completion of the mission / rescue.

Murphy / Mr. Howell

Surprised? Me too. At first, I thought he might be Gilligan due to the comic lines he is given, then I considered other angles. Seeing as how he’s ‘the Murphy’, and his pricelessness is the end all of any chance of safety for the uninfected, that puts him up there with Mr Howell.

Cassandra / Mrs. Howell

Granted, she wasn’t written for the part of Murphy’s paramour, but came to be his special acquaintance due to circumstances. Back on GI, I  vaguely recall some episodes where Lovey showed some independence. Unfortunately, I just checked Twitter to see if the #ZN hashtag was taken. It wasn’t, but I made the mistake of looking at #znation and found out she’s been killed off (remember, my DVR is acting flaky).

Addy / Ginger 

Need I say more? While Addy has more gumption to make it through the day, Ginger sometimes showed the smarts to deal with certain episodes. While I can’t envision Ginger with a spiked bat, I can see Addy tossing some coconuts.

10 K / Doc / The Professor 

It would be nice if I could make a straight one-to-one comparison, but depending on the situation, 10K or Doc arrives at the logical solution. I tend to lean more towards 10K for the reason that he always seems to position himself to the groups’ advantage. Similar to the Professor always coming up with the logical solution. Doc fills in from a sociology point – the team philosopher, trying to get them to do the smart, common-sense thing.

Gilligan / Citizen Z

This last comparison is a bit of a stretch. Both carry their goofiness well, but Citizen Z was quite adept before the missiles hit. I suspect a resurgence of his part, perhaps on his own journey back to the mainland. Gilligan, in his way was adept, but would also screw up breathing if it weren’t automatic.