When I saw the first diagram, I thought – gee, a piece of useful news. Then I saw the second one. By default, I can’t trust either of them. For the record, I did not watch any debate, but followed the circuses on Twitter, yet another slanted medium (but one over which I exercise some control). And now, the evidence:


What differences do you see, boys and girls? Can you count them? One. Two. Too fucking many? You hear what you want to hear, you see what you want to see. And you can ‘report’ any damn thing you want. But these two diagrams came from national websites. The only reason I came across both is I try to read from a variety of sources and in this case, the term Venn diagram were mentioned in both – I just wanted to see that they were the same diagram. And then note how the article skewed the data point.

I expected the articles to be different, and wasn’t disappointed. So, what does this tell us? Probably nothing. BUT! You too can have fun with Venn diagrams! Simply add your own personal circle so that it grabs a portion of each part of the diagrams. Depending on how much of one side or the other you include in your personal circle, you can determine which way to vote. If you somehow manage to divide the subjects up into perfectly even segments… you’re screwed.

If on the other hand, you manage to create a circle that doesn’t include ANY of the terms in the six segments shown, then you must be a card carrying anarchist. How dare you try and vote in this country! Why we should deport you to where you came from: the Island of Independent Thinkers. We can’t have your kind in this great country of ours. What would our forefathers think?