Chutzpah. Hubris. Obama. It takes a certain type of person to run for office, much less for President of the United States. The candidate is different from the office holder. Knowing the difficulty of the office ‘should’ temper the mindset of any candidate. Here we have a person who has – I can’t think of a better word – trashed the position of the Presidency.

I realize that my choice of words might be excessive. But then so is Mr. Obama’s claim that he would be elected for a third term. If only he could.

The only frame of reference to use is FDR’s four-term run coming out of the Great Depression. History in this case could be repetitive. Problem is, much of what went down back then was reactionary. They didn’t know how to respond to the crises. Throw more money at it, expand the bureaucracy, we’ll provide a solution. Problem is now, there is a plan of action being taken. The plan, is to continue the entitlements that a liberal voter base demands (see Johnson – 1960’s).

Except that it won’t matter. In the long game, the bureaucracy will shift according to the political winds. A conservative presidency will use use enormous political and bureaucratic capital to reverse those efforts. It might provide some benefit to the corporate works (Reaganomics).

Last, the suggestion from the President, is the best argument for term limits in ALL branches of the government. One six-year term for Senator, Two four-year terms for Representative, One ten year term for the Supreme Court. The argument against my idea is that the longer one stays in the corridors of power, the person can professionally surf the waves of power. We have definitive proof of how that works currently.        Wipeout.wipeout