Only the latest in the continuing saga of anecdotal evidence that this grand experiment in representative government, we have failure to lead in the legislative branch; oppressive leadership in the executive branch; and who-knows-what coming out of the judiciary.

The circus that is Congress has more rings than Saturn. I’ve said my piece about the present Speaker in another post. I kept my mouth shut when he announced his resignation. (But I did do a happy dance) I even kept quiet while the broken cog of politics tried and failed to fill the vacancy. Nobody stepped up? Nobody volunteered to lead the supposed leaders of this nation. The rats nest where they will.

But, giving them the benefit of the doubt, where’s the motivation – the incentive – to do a good job? At a basic premise, we all react to the carrot and stick approach. Good job, have a carrot. Bad job, a whack across your hind sides. Problem with our current situation is that we’re unable to withhold the carrots and we have no stick to whack with. This was by design of the founders. A reactionary population breeds a reactionary government.

And a reactionary government makes anarchy. Which is right close to what we have now.

We operate in a twenty-first century, technologically advanced era using tools that were designed in an era of buggy whips and long eloquent letters. The whips are now used to keep the riffraff in line, letters are now staccato emails cut and pasted into unreadable laws.

Accountability. Too many fingers in the collection plate. Call it what you will, but our government grade is F and they’ve just graduated the useless sod.