As opposed to or in association with gluttony. Why do we do it? Out of all the animal kingdom, it seems that humans – for whatever reason – enjoy stuffing themselves so full they can hardly move.

Five hours ago I had a mild breakfast: slice of quiche, hash browns, and some watermelon. Not too full, I went to work. A mostly sedentary adventure. Five hours later, noon-ish, I went to lunch. Didn’t need to, but I knew that I’d be hungry in an extra hour or so. A plate of spaghetti and a small salad ballooned inside of me.

What has to be turned off in the brain in order to prevent problems like these? Your body tells you if it’s hungry or not. Unfortunately other influences; from the smell of an open grill to the advertising on television, push us to eat.

In my other post on bullshit, there’s the mention about cravings and wanting. If we didn’t want, we wouldn’t eat. If we didn’t eat – well, okay, we’d die – but we wouldn’t get bloated bellies and all the other squishy mortal bits that pigotry supports.

In this instance, I’ll go study up on craving bullshit and report back in another post if I’m successful. If I can get the NYC style pizza slice in the refrigerator to stop calling my name.