sack_bigThe thought occurred to me while driving to work that we all have to deal with the metaphorical ‘bullshit’ of life. Family, friends, news, the public, just about anything, including ourselves. But what we tend to forget is a) our ability to carry that shit around and b) the vessel with which to carry it.

How big a sack to carry around is a personal choice. Given the list above, it’s no wonder most of us use a 40 gallon, industrial strength sack. But what about those few people that do not need such a large bag? How do they manage? Aside from divorcing oneself from everyone and everything, how can they minimize the amount of the bullshit of life?

A book I started reading, “The Beginner’s Guide To Walking The Buddha’s Eight-fold Path”, has a couple of clues. [Disclaimer: I’m not promoting any one mystical theory] But, the 2nd and 3rd steps speak to recognizing ‘cravings’ i.e., wants and learning to ignore them.

It got me thinking along the lines of ‘who cares if I don’t have a good job, home, car, etc.’ Eliminating the wanting is especially freeing. Convincing those around you to accept this thought is another animal entirely. So how can you have / posess freedom from wanting? How can you pass that ideal onto others?

Yoda said, ‘Do, or do not. There is no try.’ If you ‘Do’ and fail, you can’t rejoice in the failure; you end up adding another turd to your personal sack of shit. Perversely, those that saw you fail are equally ready to heap their expectations to your sack. If you ‘Do not’, then it should follow that your sack of shit would be lighter, right?

That is not the case. We’ve been trained to meet or exceed expectations. These expectations are what weave the sack of shit. By looking at the expectations (2nd step) and weeding out the most ridiculous (sort of 3rd step) can we unwavering the sack and prevent anyone from trying to fill the sack up.

So, ignore most of those outside opinions and unload yourself of the bullshit.