Much ado about nothing on recent stories in the news this week.

  • WBDJ shooting, while horrible, doesn’t begin to touch on the number of gun violence deaths in America. Personally, I’m pro-gun and have a hard time accepting the knee-jerk reactions that come out for every media-promoted instance. This nut job could’ve walked up to the scene with a baseball bat from a zombie movie and still could’ve had the same effect. The saying goes: If somebody’s out to get you, they’re going to get you.
  • Market drops happen all the time and yet the media continue to paint it with such drama. It’s as if they opened a Bible to the Book of Revelations and cribbed the text. The simple fact is that money in motion tends to make money. Who ends up with it is another story.
  • Population migration. I get not hanging around when the shooting starts and never stops. But it blows me away that if all those decent people had guns – like in America – those doing the shooting would have to think twice, assuming they had the capability of thinking at all.
  • Television Wasteland. See end of Market bullet.
  • Miley Cyrus. See Television Wasteland.
  • American political knuck-draggers. Out of a field of twenty-odd (some odder than most) machine hacks, the best that can be presented is a billionaire blowhard and a Socialist-Democrat. If you listen closely, you can hear the rest of the planet laughing at us. If only it weren’t so serious.

Well that sums up what I can remember from the week. I have to help my daughter with her homework, which has to be a lot more productive than me writing a blog.