This story from The Atlantic website kicked the rant engine into gear. When, oh when will we ever learn from history – much less take control over our livelihoods.

 The summary of the article is this: work the shit out of those that have the skills and simultaneously ignore the truly unemployed. I don’t believe the advertised statistics that say unemployment is about five percent. Part time jobs with no benefits is not being employed. Being used, yes, but not truly employed.

Why hasn’t there been a correlation between folks receiving government aid and the unemployed? Actually, there have been reports that support the problem of an increase of people on the dole. Only that the media mantra is to say that things are great and getting better all the time.

But the pendulum of time continues to swing. If the corporate entities repeat the actions of one hundred and thirty(?) years ago, when people gave up agricultural jobs to work in factory towns, it’s only a matter of time before a newer version of unions takes its place. At least in history, workers got Sunday off to attend church.

Which kinda provides a segue to the end of this rant: the breakdown of traditional family lifestyles. Working a continuously variable schedule will do a number on you physically. You can handle it if you’re a twenty-something and single, totally different if you’re fifty with a family. Add to that a never ending workweek… Geez. Who’s in charge here? I guess those with the gold are.