Thanks to Freddie Fender  

for that wonderful song/title to get this post started. It pretty much explains the month of June and my lack of posts.

It’s not for want of trying. There’s two or three starts to a thought or issue, plus the two novels that demand attention. Writing sucks. Writing is wonderful. And real life just gets in the way. The only thing that hinders me is that my most creative time is after midnight when I should be getting sleep. I could attribute it to my significant other’s snoring, but it wouldn’t be the total truth.

Craptastic is the word for the month, both last and present. The employment situation continues to frustrate me; I apply and apply, I usually have a good phone interview – then nothing. At present, I have three jobs lined up with no starting date. Only thing going is my part time job that pays one or two bills. 

Part deux. Roughly seven hours of sleep since those last words. Woke up with an odd Twilight Zone dream going on. I was in my childhood neighborhood walking about when after a time, it started disappearing like a collapsing pop-up book, becoming two dimensional. Like I said, odd. I’ll blame it on the fish sticks I had for dinner.

And then… The rest of the family woke up. Sigh. Another day of hearing / dealing with problems. Commence imagination shut down procedure.

And to my fellow Americans, happy Independence Day! Don’t forget to smile for the security cameras.