After reading this piece, all I could think of was some lines from the beginning of Trading Places.

Randolph Duke: That man is a product of a poor environment. There’s nothing wrong with him, I can prove it. 
Mortimer Duke: Of course there’s something wrong with him… he’s a Negro!

While I agree with the article in general , I question some of its prepositions. It has been my experience that in singular instances dealing with people; neither education, environment, or a combination of both automatically advance a subject’s standing in the world.

For those who come from a higher caste environment, very few can find common ground with those outside their realm. Neither right nor wrong, they can’t assimilate the facts that other people live under. Any education this type of person receives, tends to reinforce their environment.

For those that manage to obtain a higher level education, it can open doors to a better environment. Even in a caste system, there is a known need to bring new blood into the family – otherwise, thet thar inbreeding starts to show.

So, is there a happy balance that can be achieved? I have not come directly across someone who started ‘on the street’ and worked/studied their way to the top. I have seen many people start that way, only to realize at some point they would have to compromise their integrity to get up the next rung of the ladder. Suck up to move up. Those that didn’t, remain at a predetermined level of caste and accomplishment.

The remaining facet of the jewel is; does it really matter? At what point does a person say to themselves, “fuck it, I’m done playing the rat race game.” Personal success vs. personal satisfaction are not the same goal. The sooner you choose which way you want to end up, the better. Good luck.