Thankfully, my physicians are pretty attentive to sales scams, but a few (including patients) have slipped by them.

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There is a subtle ongoing fraud in diabetic supplies for diabetic patients and especially medicare patients.

The fraud is in the paperwork. An order form will arrive for me to sign for Mr. Smith. I read the fine print and it says that all of the supplies on the form will be renewed for Mr. Smith, unless something is crossed out. It lists six supplies: lancets to draw blood, strips for the glucose machine, a new glucometer, a new lancet machine and control solution to check that the machine is working correctly.

This is all good and necessary, right? Maybe.

I call Mr. Smith and say, “What do you need?”

“I just need lancets,” says Mr. Smith. “That’s what I asked the company to refill.” He is wondering why I called, because he only asked for lancets.

I cross everything out but the lancets: because that is where the fraud…

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