unemployment-lineIt’s a sad feeling when one of the last publications you depend on for unbiased, relatively truthful information, sidles up with whatever powers that be. I speak of the Christian Science Monitor, and this article on the gains made against unemployment in America. Actually, there are a couple articles, but my newsreader only synced on two items. They even managed a few anecdotal people to talk about as lucky examples. But the theme of the issue, which I’ll call ‘dem good times be jus roun de cornah, Massah’, is not only insulting, but repetitive. (See CSM issues for the past two or more years.)

Or this article from The Atlantic, which is a little off topic from straight unemployment numbers. But it highlights how screwed the system is. Is it ethical for companies to advertise jobs that they don’t currently have? Or to offer less than market rates because they’re trying to improve returns to stockholders? How about asking people for years of experience on a piece of software that only existed for a few months (gotta love those HR people writing qualifications).U.S. DEPRESSION BREAD LINE

Last, this link about a major government agency’s reorganization. I’ve seen these occur usually once every three years over the past thirty years of working. It won’t save money, and it certainly won’t create jobs. If the public believes the story, they’re probably enjoying a mouthful of Soylent Green. Why? Because there’s two methods of change in the government – low and slow or catastrophic emergency. The first is simple bureaucracy – this is the way we’ve always done it. That’s the complaint that the article is discussing, and the government is supposedly addressing. The second method happens very rarely, with differing results. I cite the rebuilding of the Pentagon and the creation of DHS. In the first, a LOT of red tape was cut to get things done. In addition, there was very little waste; no $700 toilet seats here. They saved those expenses for the second creation. Which is still a project under construction. Anyway, this rant is simply to state how it galls me to read these mainstream media articles denoting an improving whatever. The next hit is coming, and I suspect it won’t be pretty.th

<<< Look at the average ages of the people in this line. Tell me again how there’s no ageism involved.