It’s been a long week at the ‘not quite’ Hombre Hacienda. Over a week of substitute teaching high school, a couple evenings stocking shelves at the local store of departments, my wife starting a part-time job (so we can qualify for welfare), only to be completed with a fake-out by one of our cars’ batteries, which turned out to simply be a ground wire that worked loose.

It took a child shopping with his mother to help me focus the theme for this entry. Not anything particular they said or did – the boy was playing with some stuffed figurines of whatever fad game is presently in vogue. It wasn’t even our interaction: I try to provide a personal interaction that you won’t get at other impersonal department stores. Just my way. That, and prescription medication which prevents any untoward simian interaction(s).

It occurred to me after chatting with these people, more so with the birthday gentleman and his in-depth explanation of the stuffed Minecraft(R) characters he played with, that adults should not avert or divert themselves from imaginary play with inanimate animals or other characters. Not to begrudge animate playmates; your family or living animals, but rather keep one as your secret compatriot. A Hobbes to your Calvin.

The purposes are almost self evident: a second Human invites point-counterpoint discourse, which you may have dealt with all day and decidedly choose not to want more. Animals, great companions to be sure, are at the other end of the spectrum. You talk, converse even, and tails wag and tongues slobber awaiting a snack or a good ear run for having to listen to your pathetic simian existence.

Thus leaving your remaining personal psychological therapist; a stuffed animal (or other figurine – I suppose somebody out there makes stuffed vacuum cleaners, but those suck anyway {it is a funny joke, don’t deny you snickered at it}.)

Allowing yourself an inanimate sounding board can open up a world of possibilities. Or a nasty can of worms, based on a person’s medical or environmental history. But for the sheeple majority, having one is probably safe and useful. For openers, the object can’t testify against you in court – but this may change in upcoming years. In addition, you almost never hear of domestic abuse cases involving them.

The general angle I’m looking for is, much like this blog, something that pays attention to my ideas, mucks them up a bit, and feeds those ideas back at me, as either ridiculous or really ridiculous.