Just got home after stocking shelves at the department store. Two nights in a row, #customers basically #slobbered through the aisles. If you pick up an item to examine it closer, do the next customer a solid and put the item back where and the way you found it.

But Ed! (You might say.) #The customerisalwaysright. If they choose to be slobs, that’s their choice. And in the broadest technical understanding of that right, I agree. But akin to yelling Fire! in a theatre, as a somewhat civilized human being, you are automatically assigned some traits common to the rest of we simians. One of which is (or should be) basic cleanliness.

Last, it could make #cheaperproducts that you purchase, in that you would not have to support a small army of #minimalwage paid serfs to clean up after you while they restock the shelves, simply because you changed your mind about an item and tossed it wherever, or figured out you couldn’t really afford it.

In addition (okay, now my last point); if these retail outlets put some effort into developing a security system that forced customers to do things in one manner only, you could eliminate so many positions. [Monkey puts card into door allowing entry, monkey sits at video terminal with audio input and two big buttons, red and green. Monkey sits at terminal asking for items which display price versus available balance – determined when they used card to enter store.]

Or people could just learn to use Amazon effectively, with the added benefit of #stayingoffoftheroads, preventing stupid accidents.

What does all that have to do with the #Grammies? Damn if I know. I walked into it, seeing my wife and daughter watching it after I got home from work. listening to them alternately praising and ridiculing the presenters, if not the winners and nominees. And it only now occurs to me – we have way too many awards.

Awards for music. Awards for acting. Awards for writing. Then the non-artistic awards in the sciences and engineering. Awards for having the correct political connections. Best car/motorcycle/RV/boat of the year. There’s probably and award for most improved #nutsack on a #Chinesepanda. Why (I ask plaintively) must there be these competitions? There are no awards for surviving life other than waking up the next day. There’s no award for looking out for each other, aside from personal satisfaction. There are definitely no awards for doing the right thing when no one is looking, unless you’re dedicated to some religion that promises you a golden land after you decrease the surplus population.

I’m not against #competition. I am against rigged, or otherwise #politicizedcompetition. I am against the unnecessary #pomp of so many panels, committees, and yes – even electorates. I believe they are artificial constructs to divert our attention from continual problems with society. #Breadandcircuses.