WARNING! This post may contain sensitive content that may or may not be true.

Second case announced on CNN today. A nurse who treated patient zero (now referred to as ‘the index patient’ – don’t you love how the media twists the verbiage to downplay the threat). The medical community knows what the threat is; they have for about forty years. Isolation has been used, successfully, in Africa during this time.

dead-earthSo, for what practical purposes, did the government change its policy? I use ‘government’ solely because whether medical, immigration, or political; decisions were made that increased the risk factor. I am referring to the white doctor that got shipped back and injected with Miracle Goop (TM). As for the late Mr. Duncan (and can the media stop using his full three names? He’s a victim, not a serial killer), he should have known about the incubation time, and allowed for that in Africa.

This kind of stupidity only happens in the movies, right? As I see it, there are three (to three-and-a-half) options that explain the issue. One; random chance. These things happen and there’s no getting away from it. Two; random chance meets random ignorance. Humans have lost the instinct to recognize danger. Add no small amount of hubris, and this is what you get. Three; planned epidemic, internally engineered. Three point five; externally started.

Choice one is on a par with the dinosaurs and the asteroids. So far out there, you shouldn’t even have to bet, to make money. More on this in the white cells section. Choice two is the obvious and believable pick. Written history gives us loads of similar situations where we could see the mistakes made when dealing with diseases (plague, cholera, dysentery). Ebola is the same thing; with the major difference being time. Time to criticality and time to disperse (travel). What would have taken months to spread, one-hundred years ago, now happens in weeks. Choice three (a & b) supports the conspiracy theory. But to what purpose? In science fiction, an engineered epidemic has been studied and shown to backfire, taking assailant and victims unilaterally. But. What if the purpose was, to paraphrase Ebenezer Scrooge, manage the surplus population.

At 7 billion, give or take a few, there’s a lot of folk consuming mostly a fixed number of consumables. Right now, those that have, have; those that have not, suffer. The ratio might have been 1:1,000 only a hundred years ago. Today, it’s a good assumption the numbers are 1:1,000,000. The haves are outnumbered. What’s a smart way to bring the ratio down to a manageable level?

Leaving that depressing idea hanging; consider the planet. Earth is this pretty big, spinning, breathing, beastie. Like all living organisms, it is susceptible to internal and external effects. Dinosaurs ate the trees, fell into tar pits, and created Supreme gas at $4 dollars a gallon. Big Oil created a time machine, shifted a big asteroid to collide with the Earth, and sped up the process to make the gas.

If humans have red and white cells to run and protect a body, doesn’t it stand to reason that the earth have a similar state? And when a human loses too much blood or gets an infection, the white cells come a knockin’? So can it be true that the Earth having lost too much blood (gas), been infected (humans, pollution), begin to create antibodies to protect itself?

I made a list of predictions at the beginning of the year. I hope I’m wrong.