The magic of blogging comes from the freedom of anonymity to write whatever comes to our silly homo-sapient minds. We derive individual pleasure, or at least satisfaction, when we publish something. Better still to receive a comment in response, for or against, our writings. That strokes our ego, which feeds the id and/or superego, which cycles back to provide fodder for the ego to publish something else.

It’s one thing to expect very little in return for our thoughts-in-writing, but what happens when we desire something greater (e.g.: this blog)? The grand Internet of posts are destined to lonely, solitary deaths. The dream is for a post or site to take wing, that the ideas can influence the physical world (preferably for monetary gain).

From an article I came across, the main jest includes, but is not limited to: Risk-taking, integrity, authenticity, execution, passion and foresight are all qualities required to be an influencer. Are you one?

Posting here (or anywhere for that matter) seeks to bring to the fore, issues that are both shared and disliked. You’d be hard put to give a rant on free ice cream, but get stale fortune cookies during your next restaurant visit?

Negativity to be shared by all, solutions freely given to any that will read. But if the end result remains the status bigmouthquo, and we have met the requirements listed above, has influence been accomplished? Or are we betting on something that has longer odds that a national lottery?