I made a mistake. I was jumping around some of my news bookmarks, and opened just one, talking yet again about long term unemployment.

My degree says I have a Batchelor of Science in information systems management (ISM). I’m thinking of changing it to simply ‘IM’ – information masochist. It’s very much like rubbernecking in traffic; you know you shouldn’t slow down and look, but do so anyway.

There is a link inside the link above, that the Honorable John Andrew Boehner, asshat extraordinaire, is reported to have made.

boehner-asshatWhat I want to know is; where the hell does this pile of political puke get off calling the unemployed, lazy? Last time I looked at the members of Congress, all 535 were ‘working’ – and not accomplishing shit. It is insulting to the roughly twenty percent of able, unemployed Americans that have not found jobs that they are trained for, or worse, had to accept lesser jobs – even part time – just to keep food on the table.

Paul Krugman, the economist, has his say in a NY Times piece. His position is consistent with his previously published articles. The interesting bit comes when you read the reader comments. Near as I can tell, opinion was split 60/40 supporting Boehner. I can only wish the 60% get to experience the thrill of foreclosure, or the delights of starvation.