thI would like to claim that most of my manuscripts are well on their way to completion. The ideas are there; some have chapters, some have character outlines. But nothing to show off, no successive chapters.

In some cases, this is acceptable. This blog doesn’t get the attention it deserves; I have folders of news items just waiting for a rant on either the news topic or the (lack of) reporting. Meanwhile, chapters in three separate novels go unwritten – snippets of plot and dialogue fading away as I fall asleep.

Some pundits would argue that you write when the spirit moves you. Others say you should force yourself to write anything, even if it’s bald-faced drivel. I have a healthy anti-drivel approach. Thus, I find myself procrastinating, and outright ignoring, of my writing.

I had an aim to do some good on this. Opened up the WP app and…. started reading other posts. Not to say the time was totally wasted, I came across two articles, here and here.

When you read some of these posts, you realize you’re not alone, even the true professionals have the same problems. But. BUT! What is it that gets them past the hump, obstacle, diversion and back to useful creation? Is it simply passion? If true, is it naturally occurring, or can it be developed?

My best time for creativity is not convenient for conventional society. Midnight to 2AM, I can peck away at this iPhone keypad, family sound asleep. But during the daylight, even if I request and receive total isolation, the interaction – even negative – beckon. The only other time I’ve felt creative was when I had a commuter job with an hour or more to write (or do character studies of my fellow commuters).

So, I bid you adieu. My goal is two thousand words before midnight and it’s about 6PM now. If I can stave off the demons of distraction.

PS. (a week later than above) ~475 words. Meh.