Here at this blog, we’re famous (in our own minds) for kvetching, whinging, and all-out opining on our subject du jours (Yes, I’m aware that I’ve managed to mangle spelling and grammar in two languages – write your own rant about it. Personally, I’m impressed with myself.)

One topic that many of you may have experienced are potholes (those south of Interstate 20 call them ‘sinkholes’; those north of the Arctic Circle, please stop laughing at us). Driving over one or more of them can be a jarring experience. More upsetting, is receiving the repair bill from your friendly, neighborhood automotive association, La Familia Meccanico.

But why a rant about potholes in August? Simply because, not all of our readers are northern hemisphere – western oriented-thinking, yokels. Some of us read things outside of our comfort zones. This article, from the other Down Under – South Africa, reminds us northerners of what we’ll have to re(sur)face next spring.

I’ve passed many winters on this rock having to see or listen to the de rigueur news farts on the horrible condition of the roads after any winter. Wouldn’t matter if it was the mildest winter in fifty years, they’ll schlep some sad third-stringer reporter to go out and film cars speeding over a road-divot that a cockroach wouldn’t walk around.

Back to our hero in the veldt. The article’s protagonist intends to seize government assets for nonpayment of a $11,000 lawsuit (that he won!) for damages, due to his missing his mother’s funeral, from two blown tires. On his Mercedes.

I’m not up to doing the research, but do any of you dear readers know of a similar case in the ULA (United Litigant Association), formerly the USA?