An open letter to the suit and tie thieves in the capitol of amerika:

Enough is enough. Today, the bloodsucking TIC (thief in charge) made public his request for ’emergency’ funding to aid the processing of illegal immigrants.

This country was made by immigrants. My grandparents were immigrants. I have worked for and with immigrants. In none of these cases did those immigrants receive a handout from any government. They saved and worked to make passage, applied, studied, and passed the test. If they were lucky, they had some relative, already naturalized, to guide them through the process and perhaps house them during the process.

No other country on the planet goes to the lengths, presently used, to support immigration I stand corrected Junta-editregarding history and policy. The Huffington Post had the appropriate link. Also, The Guardian website had a decent article about the problem. But, my argument, as follows, still stands. This thoroughly biased administration cabal, chooses to deprive its present citizens of resources that might fix existing problems (VA, SNAP, Social Security).

One of the most sure bets you can find in politics is the rush to approve funding for someone’s pet project. With the ACA, the numbers are still trickling in. The beneficiaries have been promised they won’t lose money on the scam. This new ’emergency’ request – an emergency that the government has been aware of for better than a year – has to be processed immediately. It takes a village.

While the minions on the hill vacillate, the scammer proceeds to score more money from a select group and shift it to favored acolytes.

Yet, there are a few people who both see through the fiction, and provide a simple, effective solution – that is in line with present rules for deportations.

Just one more link dealing with an idea that is sort of related to present, prevailing attitudes.

20140706-155033-57033356.jpgIf you don’t have the knack to thrive, much less survive, in the New(est) World Order, accept your status as a sheep, act properly, and pay accordingly.