This was on a custom license plate I saw while driving home (have to live with this graphic instead).
20140616-204803-74883483.jpg I didn’t see the driver of the SUV, as the vehicle was turning into a tract-home subdivision. Could’ve chased them down and stuck my nose into their choice of a personalized plate, but it’s too damn hot out to be pestering folk.

Besides, it’s more fun to speculate. On a quick Google search, the best link was here.

That essay was a little intense and obviously biased. It highlighted events that were detrimental to the USA, but the vitriolic verbiage they chose, (ooh, aren’t I the silver tongue devil) only helps support the position they’re arguing against.

Found a different article over at Foreign Policy magazine, using the search term ‘American empire’. The central theme here was President Obama’s words to the UN. So, in the first article, actions/consequences; second article, intentions/inactions.

In both scenarios, the meme is ‘Great America’. Just as there once was a ‘Great Britain’, Imperial Russia, and Imperial China, these nation concepts must be put to rest (or at least out of our misery). Unfortunately, nationalism is what we fall back on when we cannot conceive of a better governing formation.

So, RIP USA. As an opinion, I can’t find fault with it. Even as they drive a not-so fuel efficient car into their ninety-nine percent identical tract home to review the incoming mail of bill after bill after bill. If nationalism is to go the way of the dodo, and both governments and their citizens are in debt that cannot be paid back in a lifetime, isn’t it the definition of insanity to continue doing the same things and expecting a different outcome?