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10296885_10154250076760010_92392639121363408_nI was readin’ my Facebook this mornin’, as it is part of my mornin’ routine, and I came across a post talkin’ about, in part, social networks and how they have changed our lives.

Oh boy how they have changed our lives, and sometimes not for the better neither,

When I was a young’un, growin’ up in the hills and mountain of Southwest Virginia, if I wanted to know where my friends were, I had to go look for them or holler real loud if I thought they were anywhere near.

Back then my ears were sensitive to the slightest noise of bicycle tires on the road or low conversation passin’ in front of the house. I had almost a 6th sense pertainin’ to knowin’ when my friends would be around, and I was usually right.

I didn’t have a cell phone where I could pick it up and send…

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