20131211-175746.jpgThat was my first thought when I read this story, courtesy of the ACLU. Not because I had a negative attitude from reading it, but because I agreed with the intent of the article.

Now the meaning of that phrase, if you don’t know it already, comes from the naval ports of England around the end of the nineteenth century. The full phrase was ‘Fuck you, I’m all right, Jack!’, was used by a glut of seamen who couldn’t find employment after being discharged from service. They said it to the monied class as a rejoinder when the elite would talk down to them.

What does one have to do with the other? Not much, really. Other than the expected reaction one should have on discovering this type of surveillance is being conducted. The weird thing that resonated with me, is that when I was single, I would take random drives to discover the area in which I lived. Three states, two countries. Theoretically then, I must be a serial DUI criminal.

The other story that caught my eye was about a group of state politicians that met at Mount Vernon, VA (George Washington’s home) to discuss, among other things, setting up a constitutional convention. {sound of hand slapping the desk} Damn! Something I’ve been bitching and begging for, for the last thirty years!

My thinking suggests, at least, five years to hammer something out. Considering the DC yahoos can’t figure out a responsible budget on a yearly basis, five years is probably optimistic. But, you have to set goals, right?

You could fashion it into two teams, red and blue. The red team gets the ‘easier’ job of clarifying and restructuring the present document into something that takes into account the pathetic mess that is the present federal bureaucracy. The blue team, accepting the present interpretation of the constitution as both literal and inviolate, gets the fun task of asking for – and logically organizing, any and all new or different rights the ‘American people’ want.

Note that I said ‘American people’. The danger, yes – danger is the correct word, is that this convention will be staffed with: politicians and lobbyists. Going through this process will be excruciating, and the people that will staff it have to accept that; a) you will not please everybody and b) it will be the lowest common denominator ideas that will win the day.

Last, the other interesting thing about that meeting was that I read about it on a liberal blog. When I looked over to the conservative side; nothing. Look at mainstream media? Nothing. Which brings me to the question I leave with you: Why would a large contingent of conservatives assemble to discuss this idea and not advertise?