My apologies for not blogging in the past three weeks. It had nothing to do a lack of topical matter (that would be weird; waking up to the morning news reporting ‘everything’s going great, go back to bed’.) It did have to do with my reaction, or lack thereof, to topics. The antics of the government and the media lackeys just didn’t provide the impetus.

So my first thought to its cause was personal laziness. Sleep, wake up, ignore most of what is said or shown on the idiot box (except for the music channels; I’m discovering lots of new artists in the genres I follow), play Solitaire on the iPod, repeat. I have provisions to limit forays into town for sustenance. The fuel delivery guy showed up awhile ago, so there’s heat for the season. As long as the kids get to school, the state will ignore me (hah). Technically, I can’t claim laziness. Lethargy, sure. But if something needed to be done, it got done.

On to apathy. A ‘lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern’. Oh yeah, got this one in spades. This blog is just one of millions of shouts into the ether. I knew that going in, so it isn’t high on the priority list. Another monkey of the infinity brigade.


Which, in very short order, brings me to the State. And its propensity to be treated like an individual (when it suits the State). Does this ‘individual’ experience these negative traits, and how, if possible, can we-the-people negate these tendencies. We don’t do so well looking after our own selves. How can policies and procedures restrict and/or correct the actions of this artificial entity that governs? The entity is comprised of individuals, it would seem logical that if you correct and mitigate the actions of those actors, the grander entity would then act correctly.

I propose that the State, in a reworded guidance document, follow the phrase Primum non nocere, a Latin phrase that means “first, do no harm.” (Commonly attributed to Hippocrates, this wiki article sheds light on the subject – good read) If the State creates a law or regulation, it should prove that it doesn’t cause anyone harm. Okay, continue reading after you stop laughing at the naivete of that statement. We all know, or at least should know, that the majority of laws, rules, and regulations are in place because they benefit special interests. Sometimes the interest is the people of the State, sometimes it is the State itself. That’s where the problem is. The State derives its benefit from the people that make up the State. By treating the State as an independent entity, conferring powers on it that would never be granted to a living individual, the people abrogate their responsibilities to govern themselves. To limit encroachment on the peoples’ liberties, the State should be constrained from solidifying its self-protection edicts.

Nobody wants to live in a weak State, but the alternative reminds me of a line from Princess Leia in Star Wars IV, “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”