This latest from Mr. Will is not the first effort written discussing President Obama’s administration. It sure won’t be the last. I suspect there’ll be a college course offered in the near future specifically focused on the reign. Please note that I did not say ‘eight year reign’ – the future’s not here yet.

Perhaps I could teach it. Possible episodes covered might include:

The Western Zombie (range) Wars, where Cheneyites infected with a supposed pesticide, developed at Fort Ritchie, instead turn into the living dead. They then get into battles with the Pelosian Freedom Fighting Troubadors (pfft!) over the rights to grow and distribute marijuana. President O attempts to mediate, gets caught using AF1 to ship four hundred kilos of primo Arizonian to Chicago.

The FTC brokered, Madison Avenue purchase of the major trading indexes, creating the largest automated 24-hour trading channel on cable TV. Followed by the immediate seizure of assets by the FCC for noncompliance of the ACA, for not having enough minimum wage employees. FTC sues FCC, Congress diverts funds from DoD to support suit, resulting in the FBI and CIA as the only remaining entities running the National Drone Initiative. Unfortunately, due to the historic enmity between the two Agencies, they each follow different agendas; the FBI working on marijuana eradication and the CIA on seeding. DEA officiates for both sides.

The Chinese annexation of Mexico, the concurrent secession of Texas, and the Chexas event; where a special team comprised of Bubba, Roy Boy, Jimbo, and Chigger, drive a semi to Barksdale AFB and trade four hundred cases of Coors for a couple nukes. On the drive back, Jimbo tries to run over an armadillo. Instead, he flips the rig, triggering the weapons. Unfortunately, the accident happened close enough to the Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant, creating a cascade effect which created the Bay of Chexas. The president decreed the bay to be a world monument, only to be refused by UNESCO because the US had not paid its dues.

In all of these potential events, one theme sticks out: follow the money. Somebody is getting rich due to the decisions of the administration (as is the case in all administrations). Previous elites funneled money to the military-industrial complex. ‘Usually’ you got something for the money, even if you didn’t need or want it. In the present instance, the sheep can’t even see where the money is going, much less see what they’re getting.

A reasonable entity would think that the the Inspector General’s office could perform investigations of ‘all’ areas of the executive branch. Not saying there’s pure corruption going on, but based on historical actions, the shepherds in the Great Swamp only tend to fleece the sheep.