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(I like to think I scooped them by two days, but we all know the truth. Besides, their story is factually accurate.)

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…
(Imagine, John Lennon, 2nd stanza)

Still a nice song, lo these many years. Young idealists strive to make it happen, then discover after some years that the ideal is impossible, having experienced human nature at both ends of the idealism spectrum (good and evil). Alas, that’s not the subject of today’s post.

Just the first line, “Imagine there’s no countries”, in relation to the present federal shutdown, is the subject. Granted, the ‘shutdown’, is more theatre than fact. The nation still exists, taxes are still collected, anarchy does not run rampant. The question then becomes; what parts of the federal government are relevant and/or needed?

The knee-jerk anti-reaction is, of course, the executive and legislative branches. ‘Throw the bums out!’, cry the great unwashed. On the rare occasion when the masses are successful, they pirouette in the voting box and elect – a new bum.

Extreme moderates do exist. Unfortunately, they are also an extreme minority, squished between the buttocks of the elephant and ass. Funny that no majority tries to champion this group. To paraphrase from Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, “One minority is less valuable than others”.

Getting back to the topic, fact: there is a government; fact: there is no federal budget; fact: a few million people (out of ~320 million), either lost their jobs or are not going to get paid in the near future. Supposition: if a budget is not passed, anarchy will reign, dogs & cats will cohabitate (already happening), and the Enemy will win.

Follow the money. Let’s think about the doomsayers squawking. If all they say comes true, who exactly would be affected? The poor? They may not live in anarchy, but they’re close enough to be ready for it. Working class? Sorry; too busy trying to keep from being poor. Middle class? Getting less for more, ie. more taxation for less tangible product. As prices go up, even if tax rates stagnate, they still pay more. Upper-middle class? Seeking the best tax havens they can afford. The 1%? The same group that is closest to the federal budget. Seems to me that without a budget, the one percent can’t get their cut off the top. The only way things could get better is if taxes stopped being collected. Fat chance that.

It comes down to, not politics, not governance, but something really basic and human. Trust. It’s been lost between the so-called shepherds and the sheep. Further, there is no accountability of the shepherds. That’s been legislated away. ‘We the People’ cannot climb the steps of the Capitol and call out the inept bureaucrats or the machine politics that put them there. Until ‘We the People’ figure out reasonable basics (not to go Biblical, but let’s say, ten) and then have a national vote on implementing them, we the sheeple are stuck, without a plan, without a voice, without a budget.