I’ve been looking for information / guidance on ‘how-to’ start an ageism inquiry. Not that I believe myself to be a victim of such (I did get a breakdown of who got laid off when I was remanded). I did place a follow on question to my old HR last week, which has been ignored so far. The question was; what is the age breakdown of those who were let loose after me, and how many new hires they have had since my departure (with associated age breakdown). I’ll send another email next week with a follow-up phone call.

Meanwhile, I’ve come across quite a few sites that promote advocacy and sites that just let people vent. What I was looking for gets labelled under ageism case law. This link will take you to a legal firm that deals with ageism cases. I don’t see any claims about how many cases they’ve won (confidentiality rules, I’m sure), but the list of cases provides insight into the different technicalities in trying to prove an incident.

Useful info, but it still isn’t helping me gather the information, or even decide what information needs gathering.