A late addition, supporting the ‘why bother’ school of thought.

Who are the long term unemployed?
I had been thinking about this theme after my last weeks’ blog on ageism. While I’m still trying to frame my thoughts around it, I read these two articles: Ariana Huffington speech and the BofA Intern Death.

These two articles are great examples of the types of situations we put ourselves in. From the latter; depending on the goal, we expend enormous amounts of personal capital (time) to get the job/promotion and sometimes come up empty (someone younger or ‘connected’ gets the spot – or in this case, drops dead).

In Ms. Huffington’s speech, she questions the ‘why’ of the rat race. If I can recall my earlier years, I saw how others got on in the world, and copied them. After many years of the race, the wins and losses, the breaks and injustices, most people declare ‘Enough’. That time of declaration is different for everyone. And, depending on where you’re standing at the time of declaration, you get run over.

I’m suggesting that may be part of the explanation of ageism. Yes, there’s the physical and monetary rationale, but the emotional factor needs taking into account. It’s well and good to say, “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”, but if you’re not independently wealthy when you make your declaration, what are you going to do when they show you the door? (Or trash the door as you leave of your own volition?)