I’ve enjoyed a lazy, sequesterly employed, drizzly Friday. The major physical accomplishments were taking the kids to school and having BBQ ribs for dinner. But in my readings, I came across a short article on the Baltic Way. After reading about it, I had to think back to where I was (living in Maryland). While I don’t consider myself a news junkie, I do have a better-than-average score for history questions playing Trivial Pursuit. Yet, I don’t remember this story. Probably just as important as the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. I had cable TV and a blazing 9600 baud modem for my internet access (note the small ‘i’, that was before it became The Internet). My only conclusion is, then, as it is now, American news coverage works in a vacuum (the punch line is; it sucks). So, go ingest some history and compare it to the America of today.