Rare for me to cross-post, but for some reason, this article got me spun up more that the previous forty or so similar articles I’ve read in the recent (~two-year) past.


Entering my sixth month of sequestrated employment (my positive euphemism for unemployment by government stupidity…and if anyone uses this term without citing me {The Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, etc.}, well I’ll…..go beg some ambulance chaser and see if I can get some money out of it).

While I have applied for many positions, I’ve received three call-backs – and another three I interviewed by phone (mutually determining I would not be the best fit for their job – I’m honest, if not humble). On being laid off my last job, I asked HR for the numbers on who and how old were the folk being let go. She replied that she couldn’t do that for privacy rules. I repeated my request, emphasizing my interest only in the numbers, not the personal data. Her supervisor (called over to assist) understood immediately where my inquiry was going and said she’d email me that data. Surprisingly, the data showed an across the board cut across all positions and income levels. As to the age piece, the 30-40, 40-50, and 50-60 ranges were only 2 bodies greater than the younger ranges. The information I don’t have access to is what the company’s rehire rate has been since my departure (note: I have not made a request, seeing as they are a private firm and do not have a legal requirement to provide me with that data. I will inquire tomorrow as to the possibility, and update this post.