Taking some time to read the online news sites of places I’ve lived, and got a little irked at an article / letter about a bridge resurfacing.

Realizing that bridges need resurfacing all the time wasn’t the issue. It was the complaining in the letter. The writer was upset that the road department didn’t / couldn’t provide a timetable as to when the work would be done.

Now, this particular bridge has had this procedure done countless times since I left that area over thirty years ago. My cynical self realizes and accepts that its a boondoggle for those interests that pay off the powers that be. A completely new bridge would be a great benefit, and would eliminate some of the repaving efforts due to a better design (as was done on the more heavily used bridge a few miles away).

The point I’m focusing on is; at what point does a bureaucracy decide to make the hard choice and execute the visionary plan? When can a populace get together and ‘pay it forward’ ? The area I currently live near had the foresight (interestingly enough) to build reservoirs. Today, the population is stable enough to adequately use what is available. It was noted at the last housing boom that a new reservoir would be required if development continued at its current pace. That idea is now off the board, due to the recession. Foresight planning should occur in the ‘off years’.

Alas, that is never the case. Other emergencies come to the front, always fighting that last fire instead of preventing the next.